Friday, January 20, 2012

Archery Night

We took the kids to do archery and they had so much fun!  They shot at  balloons first and then got to shoot the animal targets and got scored on their shooting.  Kyle has decided that he wants a bow instead of a X-Box360 which I am totally fine with. Sammi shoots left handed and Kyle shoots right so we would have to get two.

I wasn't sure what Allie was going to think about the animals getting shot.  She didn't seem to notice.  She just wanted to ride them in between rounds while people gathered their arrows.

Friday, May 6, 2011

We Have CHICKENS!!!!

 We would like to introduce... Chickalita, Heart, Suzy-Q, Candle, Lily, and Alice.

 This is our awesome coop.  We've been getting 4-5 eggs a day.  They each lay a little different color egg ranging from white to dark brown.  It's so fun to see them all sitting in the bowl on the counter.  (You don't have to refrigerate fresh eggs if you eat them fast enough.  Which we do.)

 Sammi gets up and lets them out of the coop every morning and feeds and waters them.  She loves to gather the eggs when she gets home from school.

Allie loves to go outside and sit down with all the chickens walking around her.  She feeds them grass and tries to climb in the coop.  I'm sure she'll make it in someday so I'll keep my camera ready.


 Allie didn't want to hold still for pictures.  She wanted eggs!

 As usual, Kyle found all the eggs and then drove Sammi crazy by giving her hints about where they were.  They are only allowed to gather their own.

It's becoming a tradition to have Luke and Rae down for Eastes weekend.

 All of us looking our best in the wee hours of the morn.

Sammi couldn't find one of her eggs FOR-EV-ER!  We finally started giving her the "Hot"/"Cold" hints to speed things along.  She was looking all over in the bush and then finally turned around and it was right in her face.  Great shot of her face when she saw it!

Girl's Day at the Park

 Alli loves her big sister!  We were at the park and the just kept laying down on Sammi and giving her hugs.  It was a perfect picture.

Beautiful Sammi

 Allie is getting so big.
(Well, big to us.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alligator's First Birthday

 We had a small family party for Allie with just a couple of friends over to celebrate with us.

 She took awhile to eat the cake and didn't make a very big mess.  Nothing compared to Sammi!  She didn't even get her clothes dirty. She picked at the frosting on the edges and then finally got a little cake. 
 The many faces of Allie.
Yes, Kyle has on a winter coat.  It snowed today!
Sammi read Allie her cards.  We have a whole family of readers, Allie included. Right know "Little Gorilla" is her favorite.
Allie had fun opening her presents.  She finally wanted to do more than just eat the bows and paper.
 I love her high chair.  
I found an antique one in awesome shape and made a cushion and matching bib set.
Sammi would show Allie her pictures in the camera.  It's so cute to see Allie try to figure it out.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Girls

Sammi and Allie pretend to swim on the floor.  It's soooo cute!
 Look at this cute little stink.  I love the hat, it was Sammi's when she was little.

 Kisses for Sammi.